At edugen, our focus is a blend of Africa rich culture with global ideals for the benefits of the global community! The big picture is to situate the positives in African cultural values for global benefits, escalate African knowledge base in health, medicine, languages and institution.
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Learning to Speaking Yoruba Language
Learning Everyday Speaking of Yoruba Language

High school provides a solid foundation for learners future achievement. For the 21st Century learners, use of technology to learn is pivotal to be relevant in the emerging fifth industrial revolution! We offers revision with MCQ and essay questions across sciences, social sciences and arts. @

Accordion Conten


Our focus is eLearning solutions for school and organizations, short courses, instructional design, curriculum evaluation and innovation and teachers in service training. Visit

We embark on school visitation for career development and motivation, school competition, links for scholarship for indigent learners and advocacy – education for all.

We host schools on our school portals at a reasonable cost.
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